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"Arico: Tales From the Abyss" is a 3D metroidvania adventure with a strong emphasis on exploration. As "The Explorer," your quest will lead you deep into the Abyss, where the secrets of a forgotten civilization await your discovery, revealing the events that led to its enigmatic demise.

With each descent from your settlement, you'll embark on a journey into the intricate labyrinth of the subterranean world. Each underground realm presents its own unique ambiance, inviting you to explore its mysteries. At the end of each day, you'll return to your base, where Arico, your loyal companion, eagerly awaits to hear the tales of your discoveries. As you recount your adventures, you'll also have the opportunity to enhance your equipment, preparing you for even deeper descents in the days to come.

Arico: Tales From the Abyss combines elements of exploration, resource management, puzzle solving and survival, proposing an immersive experience that will keep you engrossed as you discover the hidden mysteries that lie beneath the surface.