Ginger Beyond the Crystal is an adventure \ platform game with the goal of rebuilding a devastated world. The world is full of characters that will give you powerful skills. Those skills are extremely useful to overcome all the enemies. You will need all your skill to solve all the puzzles and platform levels. ¿Are you ready to cross beyond the Crystal?

The cities are destroyed and its inhabitants missing but there are still hope. Ginger is in charge of restore the connection with the goddess puryfing all the damaged crystals all over the world. This task is not an easy one because the world is full of enemies, traps and plataforms that you must solve in each of the 15 different levels. Do not worry, you won't be alone. Some characters will bring some help and powerful skills to help you overcome all of the enemies and platforms. Three different worlds to explore, each one of them with its own enemies and unique features. Everything mixed with some amazing and funny bonus levels to test your worth.

A destroyed world, a misterious threat loses over its inhabitants and a hero maker Goddess. This is Ginger Beyond the Crystal!