Promo plasmaniacs

Plasmaniacs’ is a shooter-clicker that takes place in Vortex City, a city always in alarm state with continuous catastrophes that terrorize the citizens of its five districts every day.

The game is divided into a succession of rounds in which you will be one of the four outsiders that keeps at bay the strange creatures that appear in the central vortex of the stage. And this is it because of the mysterious and powerful substance that circulates inside these creatures, the plasma, which has become part of the submerged economy of the city.

The main objective is to go as far as possible to increase the rewards that are received at death, being able to improve the statistics to try again and making your character stronger in each game.

Drakhar Studio wants to fill the gap between games of larger videogames or single moments in which the player can download adrenaline quickly, both on Nintendo Switch and PC.